The Toscana Pride aims as objective the equal rights, the protection of the individual, the legitimacy of affective and parental ties and the secular nature of institutions.
We want to be as a positive response to the holders of homophobia, transphobia and gender hate, in order to break down the barriers and the prejudices that still weigh on the LGBTI universe.

The TOSCANA PRIDE strives to give voice to all the claims of lesbians, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex, from the legal equality to practical policies of social welfare and inclusion. In order to combat all forms of discrimination and ensure the rights for all, it is necessary to adopt a multi-sectoral and intersectional approach; we take charge of a complexity that crosses groups and categories, in a mosaic that must to be as inclusive as possible. We want that the opinions of the LGBTI citizens contribute to the definition of public policies, with particular attention to the present, to provide concrete instances in order to improve our territories and the quality of life.

Our eyes are always open to what is happening in the rest of the world, to the horizon of freedom and equality that we want to win for everyone.